Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who should test Y-DNA J2a SNPs L24-L27 & L70?

Figure 1 above (click on image to expand) shows the positions of the recently discovered Y-DNA J2a SNPs designated as L24,L25,L26, L27, and L70 by FTDNA. L70 is not included in FTDNA's haplotree yet. A rough draft of the most current J-tree can be seen at the DNA-Fingerprint website here (scroll down to the section regarding the J-M304 tree).

Those Y-DNA haplogroup J people who are J2, have DYS413<=18-18 (to make sure you are at least J2a, if J2a-M410 was not tested), and/or have DYS450=9 (specifically) should at some point consider testing L24 through L27 to help confirm their status for these SNPs. Currently only FTDNA & 23andMe test the L24 through L27 SNPs. Hopefully other companies will incorporate these SNPs in the future as well. If you are J2, but are not estimated or confirmed J2a, then you can estimate if you are J2a by checking your haplotype using Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor by inputting your haplotype: (link) ... If overall, according to Whit's predictor, you have a high probability of being J2 and zero or very low probability of being J2b, then likely you are J2a! If J2a is indicated then at some point please test L24 though L27. If you need additional advice or have questions then send me an email and I will try to help (aburto (@) san (dot) rr (dot) com).

If you have tested FTDNA's 67 marker set and you have DYS413<=18-18 and DYS450=9 then absolutely test L24 through L27 and L70 (available soon hoepfully) when feasible as you are likely a prime candidate to test positive for one or more of those SNPs!

However, please note:
FTDNA now offers testing of L24 through L27 via a "Deep Clade Extended" test at a very reasonable price! Testing of M137, M158, M318 may (I am not certain of this) also be included as these SNPs define important subclades of L24/L25. You can see the "Deep Clade Extended" offer from FTDNA via the Haplotree page or the "Order Tests & Upgrades" page.
[posted 21 March 2009]